photo-shoot in tallinn w. Evelyn Kungla

Last time when I was in Estonia, which was on August, I had a chance to be in modelling role for an hour or so. Quiet some time ago I won a photo-shoot by Evelyn Kungla (click on name for Facebook fanpage) and as I don’t live in Estonia anymore, it was quiet hard to manage the times and actually arrange something, however.. we made it.

Day before I searched out some cool clothes, which I may not wear everyday bases, but you know.. it was just a photo-shoot. Photo-shoot took place in Tallinn (Old Town) and here’s the result. P.S. Here’s just a small part of all of the pictures, as I seriously love all of them, but don’t want to spam you as well. And btw, Evelyn is available in Tallinn and Loksa, so for sure contact her if you need any pictures, she is supper sweet girl 😉



b-18 page1 bir page3 bir-10
page2 bir-15

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